Bitcoin Tarot Gaming Guide

Bitcoin Tarot’s Classic Deckcomplete, versatile deck of 78 cards

How to Play

Because of the versatility of the Classic Bitcoin Tarot deck and the abstract nature of tarot cards in general, there are various ways to play:

1. Cryptocurrency-Related Tarot Readings

You can conduct tarot readings concerning the world of cryptocurrency by abstractly making sense of the given symbology, by using the symbology guide provided in the deck, or a combination of both. You can always interpret and play the cards as you please.

2. General (non-crypto-related) Tarot Readings

You can conduct general tarot readings using the explanations for the descriptive names (e.g. “The Magician”, “The World”, “Judgment”, etc.) seen in traditional/standard tarot card decks (e.g. Rider-Waites edition) as guides. You can always interpret and play the cards as you please.

There are a number of ways to draw the tarot cards. One simple method is to shuffle the deck and then draw 3 cards (placing them face-down), representing past, present, and future.

3. Playing Cards: Familiar games like Poker, BlackJack, Texas Hold’em, President, Bridge, Crazy 8’s, Donkey, etc.

You can play your own variation or put your own unique twist on a variety of popular card games by, for instance, using the numbered cards in the Minor Arcana, which also include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tron, and Dash as card suits as well as their respective face cards – the Aces, Kings, Queens, and the Pages (i.e. the “Jacks”). There are 56 cards in the Minor Arcana, which comprise of four suits and 14 cards each. You can always interpret and play the cards as you please.

Bitcoin Tarot’s Crypto Playing Cardsstandard 52-card playing deck

Standard 52-card Deck – Example Conversion Chart:

Ace of Bitcoin

King of Bitcoin

Queen of Bitcoin

Page of Bitcoin

II to X (2 to 10) of Bitcoin

Ace of Clubs

King of Clubs

Queen of Clubs

Jack of Clubs

2-10 of Clubs

Ace of Dash

King of Dash

Queen of Dash

Page of Dash

II to X (2 to 10) of Dash

Ace of Diamonds

King of Diamonds

Queen of Diamonds

Jack of Diamonds

2-10 of Diamonds

Ace of Ethereum

King of Ethereum

Queen of Ethereum

Page of Ethereum

II to X (2 to 10) of Ethereum

Ace of Hearts

King of Hearts

Queen of Hearts

Jack of Hearts

2-10 of Hearts

Ace of Tron

King of Tron

Queen of Tron

Page of Tron

II to X (2 to 10) of Tron

Ace of Spades

King of Spades

Queen of Spades

Jack of Spades

2-10 of Spades

Suit Ranking Method:

Ascending alphabetical order was used to rank and order the suits, respective of the above conversion example. When suit ranking is applied, ascending alphabetical order is one of the two most commonly used conventions.

Keep in mind, though, that you are welcome to create your own game rules, adapt the rules of existing games, do a combination of both, and so forth. For example, you might choose to organize the suits by the respective cryptos’ prices, or perhaps by their market caps.