About Us

“Bitcoin Tarot – The World’s 1st Crypto Tarot Cards Deck” was founded in Canada by a faithful believer in cryptocurrency. The purpose of Bitcoin Tarot’s crypto tarot cards and crypto playing cards is to creatively increase the awareness and adoption of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology through playful, thoughtful, and good-humoured instruments.

For business or media inquiries, please contact us at info@bitcointarot.com. We would love to hear from you!


The Bitcoin Tarot Deck offers a fun and exciting new way to look at cryptocurrency, and it’s the first of its kind. Perhaps you have a friend or two forever trying to predict the crypto market — the Bitcoin Tarot could turn out to be an incredibly fitting gift for them!

What’s awesome is that the classic Bitcoin Tarot Deck is quite versatile:

Users can very easily use a portion of the complete/classic deck, like the Minor Arcana, in order to create their own game rules or gameplay similar to various traditional and popular card games like Poker and BlackJack too – the Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tron, and Dash-themed crypto cards serving as the suits with their respective face cards. This classic, 2-in-1 deck gives you the best value.

Whether you need your Bitcoin Tarot Cards for a playful or festive social gathering, to read the future of your crypto investments, or to give a psychic tarot reading to your friends or clients, we’re happy to ship out to you as many decks as you need.

Help with crypto awareness! Help the world adopt cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology by lightheartedly reading your fortune, or even playing variations of traditional card games like Poker with our Crypto Playing Cards by Bitcoin Tarot Deck.

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